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Rolling Stone Magazine: Inside Song House Live (Featuring Kato)

The round-the-clock livestream competition Song House Live — basically the twisted love child of The Real World and Songland — will offer a Capitol Records label contract to one winner

Six weeks ago, a group of music executives threw seven Gen Z influencers in a mansion on a 40-acre estate for a live competition that would pit the fledgling artists and songwriters against each other, with the promise of a path to fame and fortune for a sole winner. What could possibly go wrong? To the kids’ credit, the 24/7 livestream of the competition, which is called Song House Live, doesn’t seem to have caused any psychological damage yet, perhaps because the TikTokers are already used to shooting content ’round the clock. The contestants have a combined 16 million social-media followers.

The seven of them — Alec Chambers, Caroline Carr, Attis, Diego Fragnaud, Tyler Brash, Olivia Boeyink and Klondike Blonde, all of whom knew they would be competing for a major music deal from the start but were not told much in the way of specifics — are nearly done with filming. They’ve spent the last month and a half partaking in weekly musical challenges, which are overseen by fans and the show’s judges and co-creators, Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Billy Mann and A&R executive Benton James. By next week, the champion will be crowned, winning, as showrunners will reveal later today (July 29th), a recording contract with Capitol Records.

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