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Kato announces his 24-city Sound Advice Tour for music creators

The Sound Advice Tour is a unique in-studio experience for Artists, Producers, Songwriters, and just about anyone pursuing a music career. It was created by #1 Billboard-Charting Music Producer, Entrepreneur and Influencer, Kato On The Track.

The goal of the tour is to give aspiring music creators a space to not only connect with Kato, but get practical career advice and music feedback from an industry leader.

"The challenge most of the time is that aspiring creatives don't have a safe space to get honest feedback on their music or career advice. And if they do, it's coming from some stranger on the internet that hasn't met them, know their story or anything about them", Kato says.
"This way, I get to meet the person, learn about their story and how that all ties into their music and career trajectory. That's the only way you can give someone practical advice that's tailored specifically for them."

It's a big undertaking to fly to 24 cities, and organize a 4-hour studio experience like Sound Advice. Not to mention, the tour is almost completely funded, booked and sold directly to his audience by Kato and his team. No promoters, middlemen or outside investors.

So, what should you expect attending a Sound Advice event? All the things that are critical to having a successful music career nowadays - using social media to build your awareness, attracting collaboration with other Artists and brands, learning about the differences between Publishing and Masters, adopting new platforms to promote your music, and of course getting unbiased feedback on your music.

Kato has also hinted at the fact that he's got some surprises in store for attendees of Sound Advice. They won't know what it is until the day of the event, but by his words - "Nobody else is doing it." Only 25 ticket buyers will be allowed through the doors of the event (each with an optional +1).

The Sound Advice Tour kicks off on Oct. 7 through Dec. 20. Visit for tickets.


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