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7 things Artists & Producers can do daily

Having a full-time career in music is a LOT of work. Most of us don't start out with a team of dedicated individuals to help us on our journey so we end up having to wear multiple hats and become master multitaskers. Over my 12+ year career, I've identified a short list of things that I think are MOST important for Artists, Producers and Songwriters to focus on every single day.

  1. Make + release music. This is most important step. Nothing else works without having great music and putting it out there for people to discover you. Make this a daily ritual.

  2. Create content for social media. It's the most powerful tool we have at our disposal as creatives, and it's FREE. If you're not utilizing it as much as possible, you're at a disadvantage in an industry that's already incredibly hard to be successful in.

  3. Reply to comments, DM's and e-mails. I find this to be the easiest thing to do when I'm doing mindless, daily activities. Eating lunch, watching TV, in an Uber, etc. Any down time where you're not creating, you should be connecting with potential fans on the internet that are consuming your music and content. Less entertainment and more value.

  4. Network at local music events. I've met a LOT of great contacts at events, conferences, workshops, etc. It's a breeding ground for good networking and connecting with other people in your industry.

  5. Network at local music studios. So many times I've been in a recording studio in Atlanta and met big Artists and Producers who just happened to be there at the same time as me. Be in the right place at the right time. Music studios still have a ton of foot traffic.

  6. Collaborate with other Artists. This one is hard if you're an introvert by nature. But I PROMISE you it's worth it if you can get outside of your comfort zone. The best opportunities of my career happened when I collaborated with other people.

  7. Learn the music business. In any industry in the world, you have to learn the business that you're in to become successful. Don't just rely on talent. Those people are often the ones who get taken advantage of. Use Google and YouTube, watch interviews, ask people questions. Learn something new every day and become a well-rounded Music Entrepreneur.



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