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Variety: Song House Live Puts Competing Music Influencers on Display

Owing its concept to “The Truman Show,” “The Real World,” Simon Fuller’s ahead-of-its-time “If I Can Dream” and the Hype House phenomenon, a new experiment is underway in the form of Song House Live, which brings together seven influencers aspiring to make it as music creators and allows viewers 24-hour access to their daily goings-on via YouTube.

The seven are living together in a 40-acre estate in upstate New York and the livestream began on June 21.

The residents also compete in musical challenges to write, record, and promote the songs they create. The house in which they live is outfitted with a recording studio, instruments and all manner of gear.

The brainchild of music veteran Billy Mann and Benton James, in collaboration with Rainmaker Holding Group’s Clay Pecorin, Jason Halio, Zak Tanjeloff and Russell Geyser, the “show,” which runs eight weeks, features newcomers Alec Chambers, Caroline Carr, Attis, Diego Fragnaud, Tyler Brash, Olivia Boeyink and Klondike Blonde, who boast a collective millions of fans on TikTok.

Those working behind the scenes carry industry clout. Music production for Song House Live is by producer/entrepreneur Kato On The Track, who has worked with the likes of Tyga, Joyner Lucas and Snoop Dogg, among others.


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