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Renowned Producer Kato Is Going In A New Direction

Updated: May 24, 2021

Behind every great song is an equally great producer. Since starting his career in 2006, Kato has produced and worked with many accomplished artists, including Lil Scrappy, Kalena, and Roscoe Dash. His latest production effort, ‘So Pretty,’ has sparked a new challenge on TikTok, and the five-time Billboard charting producer caught up with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd to discuss the past, present, and future.
Boyd: The ‘So Pretty’ record is out right now. That song is going up! Tell us a little bit about what it means to you.
Kato: It’s pretty crazy because I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment like this that happened in this particular way in my entire fourteen years of making music. I posted a beat on the internet, and it just started going crazy! Reyanna did a duet to it on TikTok, and it just went viral. Family members that I hadn’t spoken to in years and elementary school friends were reaching out to me. It’s been wild! Reyanna’s version began becoming a trend on TikTok about three weeks ago.
Boyd: I heard Tyga may be jumping on it!
Kato: Yeah we didn’t talk about anything specific, but we’ve definitely got him on some stuff!


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