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Red Bull Mystery Pack Features Kato On The Track

With more young artists trying out their producing skills, it's become increasingly more important for producers to distinguish themselves — not only through their unique sound, but adaptability to new challenges as well. Red Bull Mystery Pack gives producers the perfect opportunity to do just that. The series challenges producers to think outside the box, handing them a sample pack of 10 random sounds to flip into a studio-ready beat in just one studio session.
In this premiere episode of season two, we feature Chris ‘Kato'' Ju, also known as Kato On The Track, out of Atlanta, Georgia. Despite expressing his nervousness during our interview following the session, viewers would be hard-pressed to realize it. Ju’s quiet confidence dominates the episode, flawlessly incorporating eight of the ten mystery sounds given to him to make an up-tempo pop and hip-hop fusion beat with a funky twist.


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