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How to collect 99% of all your music royalties

Updated: Jan 19

If you're an independent music creator, keep reading. This might be one of the most important blog articles you've ever read. I'm about to show you how to claim and collect 99% of your music royalties in four simple steps (if you live outside the US, some of these steps may need to be modified with the collection societies in your country).

Something you may not know about your royalties...

A lot of independent music creators are leaving money on the table. Money that will go into someone else's pockets if you don't claim it within 2-3 years. A lot of creators I've met over the years are under the impression that if they just put their music on streaming services through a distributor like DistroKid, CD Baby or Tunecore, they're collecting 100% of their royalties. FALSE. And after a few years of not claiming the rest of your royalties, it goes to someone else. Watch the video below if you want to know the rest. WATCH THIS:

Royalty Checklist:

1. Release your music through an independent distributor - DistroKid, Tunecore, etc.

2. Affiliate yourself with a collection society (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC in the US)

3. Register your songs with a publishing administrator (see below)

4. Register your song with SoundExchange


As mentioned in the video, you need a publishing administrator to collect GLOBALLY. We are in the streaming era, which means that your mechanical and performance royalties are collected by different societies around the world depending on where your music is being streamed. The easiest way to collect that is with a pub admin. I use a company called Songtrust. Sign up with Songtrust now. UPDATE: As of 2024, I'm no longer a client of Songtrust (I signed my first Publishing deal!), but I would still recommend them to anyone looking for a DIY service. I used Songtrust for many years and they helped me collect a LOT of money, never had any issues. I'm in no way employed or affiliated with them, just speaking from personal experience.



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