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Free Split Sheet Template

I have a GEM for you! Here's the scenario...

You collaborated with another person on your latest song, maybe even a few people.

The song is mixed, mastered, ready to go through your distributor and hit all the major streaming platforms.

It finally drops, and people REALLY love it. It starts getting play listed, and generates a lot of streams on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

A lot of streams equal MONEY. But now that you're making money, all your other collaborators are wondering how they get paid and what they own, so they start hitting you up.


This is a real situation that a lot of songwriters find themselves in. Or maybe you're the Producer in this case and you don't even know what you should be making from it and neither does anyone else.

This is where split sheets come in.

A split sheet a very simple document that outlines everyone's Publishing share on a song. It creates full transparency between all your collaborators, so that when it comes time to registering your music with a collection society, you know exactly what percentage you, and everyone else owns.

Here's the biggest key... all these collection societies rely on YOU, the creator, to register your music with the right data. If the data doesn't match up, everything is put on hold and nobody gets paid until it's resolved.

So, I thought it'd be helpful to send you my split sheet template. This is the SAME ONE I use for my own music.

I left some notes and comments on it for you in case you're confused about anything, otherwise its pretty simple.

Hope this helps you avoid any bullsh*t in the future! :)



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