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FORBES writes on Kato using Instagram Reels/Remix

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Via Forbes:

Instagram recently launched Remix, a new feature for Instagram Reels that enables users to mix in other users’ Reels into their original posts. Similar to TikTok Duets, the blending of content displays both videos side-by-side, elevating engagement among creators and users on the platform.
Now Award-winning American record producer Kato On The Track is leveraging Instagram Reels/Remix to discover new talent that will be showcased in his upcoming album, “Overnight Success Story,” dropping later this year. As Kato leads the first Instagram music album collaboration, the hitmaker is proving that TikTok is not the only social media platform evolving audience engagement and fueling artist success.

“The last year for me has brought so many changes … my music, my team, collaborators, TikTok and obviously the pandemic, which has affected us all,” Kato says. “So that's why I felt like I needed to make another solo album after six years since my last one–it's definitely going to be my best album to date."


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