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Kato Announces Kato-Con!

KATO-CON is a live webinar for artists, producers, DJs, etc. to discuss and learn about the music industry, network, and get LIVE 1-on-1 feedback from me, 100% all virtual. This will only happen a handful of times every year, and I'm hosting my first Kato-Con this month on Oct. 23rd. You're invited, and the best part? It costs about what you would spend on taking a hot date to McDonalds. "Quitting Your Job For Music" + Music Critiques Sunday Oct. 23 @ 9PM EST Register here If you've EVER thought about making music full-time, there are some specific things you should know and be prepared for. Spots are EXTREMELY limited for this event! I won't be able to give individualized feedback if there are too many people so reserve your slot now.