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Why Desiigner's "Panda" Just Sh*t On Every Major Producer

Did ANYONE know who Menace was before he sold Desiigner the "Panda" beat for $200 off the internet? Almost certainly not... some folks probably still don't know and may never know who he is, even though he now has a #1 Billboard hit and a fancy new publishing deal. But while major award-winning producers largely count on their famous artist friends to crank out hits, "Panda" proved to the world that it is still possible to make a hit from selling and finding beats on the internet. I should also add that Menace will probably end up making well over $1 million dollars in publishing off "Panda", not to mention whatever he was advanced from his publishing deal, so... close to $2 million total? Maybe more.

As the music industry continues to shift more and more towards a wifi-driven, fast-paced consumption type of business model, more and more producers continue to sell beats online. And some producers are KILLIN it!

What I've learned over the years, is that exclusivity and the element of mystery behind music production is starting to become dated. I came up in the era of wonder and amazement of HOW the f*ck Dr. Dre or J Dilla made their beats sound like that. And while I still feel that way because I'm forever a fan first, the new generation of music listeners have YouTube to show them how to do literally EVERYTHING. It's still cool I guess to someone that has NO CLUE how to make beats, but I think in large part, people have become desensitized to the mystery element. As a final note and shameless plug, this is why I started NastyTrax. I saw the trend of making great production accessible online, so I hit up some of my producer friends, grabbed their best beats including some of my own, and put them all in one store. Did I mention they start at $25/lease?

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